Family Testimonials


Don't Take Our Word For It!

  "I was thrilled to find out about Cornerstone for both of my grandchildren. It has been wonderful and because of the physical progress my granddaughter made, she was able to pass the physical to receive an adaptive bike from Variety. (My grandson did too!) My grandson has learned to talk and both of them have improved in speech, physical, and social skills. They have bonded with their therapists and coming to Cornerstone is the highlight of their week! I will be forever grateful to the Cornerstone staff" - Janet C.   

"Cornerstone has been a lifesaver for me and my kids. I have 4 foster kids who benefit greatly from OT and speech. Everyone at Cornerstone is very nice and helpful. My kids look forward to coming. Thanks for all that you do at Cornerstone to help my kids!" - Tracy P.  

"Since my son has started coming to Cornerstone, he has really taken off with communicating with words. I feel the speech he is receiving is really helping him. It is a wonderful thing to hear your child making sentences. He loves to come and play. He does not see it as something he has to do, he just really enjoys coming!" - Jenny 


"Cornerstone is a complete life changer!! My daughter was non-responsive when we first started. You could slam books down beside her and she would not look or respond. You could shout and call her name and still no response. She used to look through you instead of at you. She was non-verbal. Since Cornerstone has worked with her as well as me (for her to reach her goals) she now looks/responds to sounds and comes when you call her name. She now looks at you instead of through you. She now grabs your hand and guides you to what she wants. She is now saying what you tell her to say. She is stimming less and best of all she now gives me HUGS!! Thank you so much Cornerstone for everything you all have done! You have helped my daughter find her way! My son also has autism was non-verbal. Now since Cornerstone, he never stops talking and I love every word! Thank you for working with us through the years and helping both of my children find their way and voice and our continued goals with both" - Barbara   

" My great grandson loves coming to Cornerstone! He has progressed forward so much from coming here. He calls it "the big house of fun". He looks forward to coming every week to play with his therapists and to learn. He loves so many of the activities that he gets to do here. A very big thank you for your help Cornerstone from a very appreciative great grandmother."  


"Cornerstone has been amazing with my little boy. They have helped him excel with his speech and behavior. The staff is amazing, they are there to listen to you and your child and help you in any way they can. They are more than just a place your child goes to for therapy, they are like family." - Ashley D.  

 "I love Cornerstone! They are making a difference in my child's life and also my life as a parent. My child is receiving an opportunity of a more improved future that we are not able to do on our own. The staff are a blessing in our routine of daily living. I am so thankful for them. It's worth the hour and a half drive every week. Much appreciation." - Lisa R.  

 " Awesome group of professional therapists and staff that go out of their way to provide the best developmental support for my child. My son has been with Cornerstone for 5+ years and looks forward to his weekly visit." - Misty D 


 "We love Cornerstone! I like how they work with my daughter even when shes in her moods they never back down. Really understanding and considerate of her needs. I would be at a loss without them. My daughter loves to come here. Every employee is great. They help when you're at a loss. They help get you on track. I've seen such a big wonderful change in my daughter since coming here. Thank you Cornerstone. I always recommend you to other families." - Sarah A  

 "I have been bringing my daughter to Cornerstone for a year now. She absolutely loves it here. I have seen lots of improvement in her. More than that, I feel supported as a parent. I can ask questions and get advice. I have learned ways to help her. It is wonderful here. Everyone is professional and nice. All of the staff love children and want to see them happy and successful."  - Becky M  


"Our child has been receiving therapy for the past 2 years from Cornerstone. It is something that he looks forward to every week. All of the therapists are kind and helpful. He has made vast improvements in speech. The whole staff goes out of their way from the time at Cornerstone to the extra activities like Sensitive Santa. All of the kids (and parents) are so happy here and that says a lot."  - The Yosts  


"Cornerstone is truly life changing! The staff is amazing from the time you walk in the door. Everyone takes time to answer all of your questions. We love Cornerstone!"   

"Cornerstone is an awesome resource especially in WV.  There's simply nothing else like it. My son had been to several other places for therapy over the years and nothing worked. We saw results as soon as he started here. That's why we drive from two and half hours away every week. This place is amazing." 


 "We love Cornerstone for so many reasons! It's staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, and caring therapists and support staff. There has never been a time someone wasn't available to listen to my concerns about my son or to just listen to my excitement about his achievements! He has progressed so much during his time here (2 years) and I believe it's because he is surrounded by an experienced group of extraordinary human beings! - Shawna H.   

 "Cornerstone is AWESOME!! The staff is incredible. They go above and beyond to make sure my daughter is making progress and having fun. This is a one of a kind resource for WV. There's no other place like it". - Melissa


 "I am so grateful that Cornerstone was suggested to us after my daughter transitioned out of birth to three services.  The therapists and staff are always courteous and professional. They work with us to implement our goals and address any concerns we may have. I truly believe that the therapists at Cornerstone have played an integral role in the progress my daughter has made over the years. I would highly recommend their services!" - Lindsey F.R.  

 "There's no other place like this in the state. We travel from over an hour away to come here for OT and speech and the staff is great. I hear and meet other parents in the waiting room and they all love Cornerstone. The therapists work with so many different kinds of kids it's fun to watch the interaction. They need to open more locations. This state would really benefit from another Cornerstone!" - Stacy    

"The therapists at Cornerstone have been great for our son. All of the staff are so kind and patient with the children and their families. It is a wonderful environment for therapy. I love that you're able to watch your child's session from in the room or in the observation room with the two way mirror. They realize that some children will have a better therapy session if they can't see their parent but they also know that parents would like to learn what their child is doing. I really appreciate that my child's therapist reviews what was done in the session and teaches us how to implement it at home. Since starting therapy, our son has really developed more age appropriate play skills, has learned to use the toilet, and we as a family are able to have more fun experiences. We are so grateful that Cornerstone is here in Bridgeport and we have access to such an amazing staff and facility". 


"Since beginning therapy at Cornerstone my son has made several positive behavioral changes. He is showing more affection to family members, having less overall meltdowns, and coping better with everyday situations. We never arrive at therapy without all of the staff taking time out of their day to offer him a "hi" and a smile which in turn makes him like that he's part of something special. All of the girls are wonderful and he loves them. They not only love the kids but strive to add to their overall quality of life by working with them in whatever areas are necessary".  - Mandi M.    


"Cornerstone is a game changer! The facility and the staff are awesome. I've never seen a place that cares more about kids. We love it!" "Cornerstone is awesome for so many reasons!. They take the time to explain what they're doing in every session and answer all of your questions. They are great when it comes to scheduling and have helped our family navigate the confusion of dealing with insurance companies to help our son get the care he needs. Great place, great people!"  

" We started bringing our 5 yr old son , who is diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and high functioning autism to Cornerstone 9 months ago. We have seen great progress with his therapist. He actually socializes now! Even with people he is not familiar with! His tolerance for textures and scents has greatly increased  which I owe to tactile play with his therapist. HE has learned to work through his frustrations and use his words instead of shutting down. We look forward to going to Cornerstone every week to play with his therapist and see our friends. Everyone there is so friendly and caring, you become family which is so important to have when it comes to helping our special kiddos! Our son genuinely feels loved at Cornerstone, which I believe plays a huge role in his development". - Amy C.


" Cornerstone is awesome! We have the privilege of working with Kathy who is the owner and WOW, she is an amazing therapist! Her knowledge of pediatrics and pediatric therapy is unbelievable. Before finding Cornerstone, we had taken our kids to several other places and we never got any answers or results. We've seen both in our time here. Both of our kids love coming every week and I love coming too because it seems like I have new questions every week. Kathy takes the time to answer all of them. This place is what pediatric therapy should be. We never feel rushed and all of the staff takes the time to explain things. What a blessing for the state to have a place like this. This place is really one-of-a-kind and we love them!"  - Jessica M  

"We moved here from another state and we were worried that we wouldn't be able to find help for our "little man". Cornerstone was recommended to us by our pediatrician and man were they right on the money. This place is great! The staff goes above and beyond and the programs they have here are awesome. They provide more resources than our previous clinic. These guys are great! - Maria

"Cornerstone is awesome! Kathy is the best therapist we've ever had!" - Steph