What We're All About

  Cornerstone Pediatric Center is a highly specialized facility created to serve families who have children with any type of special needs. We are "all about" helping kids reach their full potential and helping families get the answers that they're looking for. At Cornerstone, we value quality over quantity and our therapists see a limited number of kids per day to ensure the absolute best care for your family. We work with kids of all abilities and focus 100% of our effort on pediatric therapy.  We work with all types of kids with issues ranging from slight to severe and we pride ourselves in being the most comprehensive pediatric clinic in West Virginia. Our therapists use the most progressive treatment techniques available to treat the child not just the diagnosis. "Sensory Processing" or "SPD" is the new hot topic but Cornerstone has been working with sensory strategies for 15 years! Now people are starting to talk about "reflex integration". Cornerstone has been using reflex integration treatment techniques for 4 years. We work extremely hard to stay at the forefront of the most effective treatment techniques for kids.   

  The therapies we offer are Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy but we are not a typical "sit down" clinic. Our therapy is interactive and engaging for your child. We offer a family oriented environment where parents, caregivers, and teachers are an integral part of the child’s team. Our therapists provide intensive treatment using protocols and strategies from evidence-based research to facilitate progress not just treatment. We focus on teaching parents techniques that they can carry over into daily routines for organization and skill development throughout the day. Cornerstone Pediatric Center strives to improve happiness, quality of life, and self confidence for all of our kids as well as their families. We are truly unlike any other pediatric clinic out there! Our main focus is helping families take the first steps to building a solid foundation for the future.     

Our Mission 

Provide children who have special needs, and their families,  a foundation for developing life skills through a multidisciplinary approach using innovative therapies in a safe, supportive and caring environment.   

Who We Serve 

Cornerstone Pediatric Center offers multi-faceted and specifically individualized treatment strategies to any child with special needs. Some of the areas that we focus on are: · Autism Spectrum Disorders · Developmental Delays · Learning Disability/Giftedness · Handwriting Difficulties · Sensory Processing Disorders · ADD, ADHD · Genetic Disorders · Cerebral Palsy · Seizure Disorders · Brain Injury · Trauma - Neuromuscular Disorders · Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties · Language Delays and Disorders · Speech Delay, Articulation Disorders · Auditory Processing Disorder · Vision Delays and Impairments    

What Makes Cornerstone Different? 

“Isn’t all therapy the same? We’ve been seeing the same therapists for years and haven’t made much progress. What’s so different about Cornerstone Pediatric Center?” All therapy is not the same. At Cornerstone, you’ll see the difference as soon as you walk in the door and you’ll continue to see it throughout your child’s evaluation and treatment. We focus on quality of treatment  not quantity. All of our therapy is interactive, incorporating play into everything we do. Our evaluations and treatment sessions are extremely comprehensive. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. Our goal is not to see your child for years. If we’re treating your child for years with no noticeable progress then we aren’t doing our job. Our therapists want to facilitate as much progress as they can to enable your child and your family to function as independently as possible.

"Do you work with kids who have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)?"

We sure do. "Sensory" or "SPD"  has really become a catch phrase over the past few years. More and more doctors, teachers and therapists are seeing and trying to treat the symptoms of SPD. Cornerstone has been working with SPD and various treatment techniques for over 10 years! There is so much more than just a ball pit or bean box which is typical for most clinics. We are so far beyond the typical "sensory" treatment protocols and have developed our own strategies based on reflexes and other evidence based therapies to offer a unique and effective therapy session. 

"Do you just work with kids who have autism?"

While we do see a lot of kids with autism, we work with all kinds of kids. We have literally seen everything come though our doors and we love to help every child that we see discover their true potential. There are so many amazing kids out there and we look forward to helping all of them!

 Some of the unique features that Cornerstone Pediatric Center offers are: 

Multi-disciplinary (team) Approach: Our therapists work together with your family as part of a team to develop successful strategies that encourage greater independence and participation in play, school, and daily life skills. · 

Home Programming: Our therapists provide your family with techniques and strategies that can be implemented into your child’s daily routine to maximize progress and carryover of skills. Our therapists provide the intensity in the clinic and they teach your family how to increase the frequency at home making every clinic session as productive as possible. 

Innovative Treatment Techniques: Based on current research, our therapists incorporate positive components of traditional therapy methods with innovative and creative treatment techniques.