Cornerstone Pediatric Center, LLC is the areas foremost authority on pediatric therapy. We work with kids of any ability, from birth to 18 years old, addressing a multitude of concerns from developing pre-school skills and handwriting to autism, feeding issues, developmental delays and genetic disorders. We do it all! We are comprised of experienced Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists all of whom are committed to making progress with your child. All of therapist’s knowledge and effort goes into helping exceptional children experience extraordinary results. 

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Occupational therapy is truly the “Cornerstone”, if you will, of what we do here at Cornerstone Pediatric Center. Our occupational therapists concentrate on the development and/or restoration of abilities or skills through the use of various progressive treatment strategies coupled with traditional OT techniques. We use occupational therapy as a measuring stick of sorts for an initial OT/neuro evaluation. Under the guidance and supervision of Kathy Citerone, MOT, OTR/L, the co-founder and Clinical Director of Cornerstone Pediatric Center, we are able to establish a detailed neurological baseline for your child. Through the use of a multifaceted evaluation approach, which includes  highly developed assessment  techniques, our therapists are able to get a neurological “snapshot” of what is going on with your child. We are then able to develop a specialized plan of care for your child and your family. Our therapy is very dynamic and multifaceted. We can help kids with everything from developmental delays and autism to sensory concerns, social skills, and feeding issues. We are not your average occupational therapists! We use movement and play to help your child build a solid foundation for the future!

SPEECH THERAPY Like Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy plays an essential role in treating your child. Cornerstone’s speech program combines progressive treatment strategies coupled with traditional speech techniques to address any dysfunction or speech inefficiencies including oral motor issues, speech and language delays or disorders, articulation problems, feeding issues, hearing impairment, speech clarity and auditory processing disorders.  Our therapists goal is to develop a plan that helps your child make as much progress as possible. No boring, sit down table therapy here. Everything we do is dynamic and fun!